As of writing this, my most recent purchase was a filing cabinet. From there, one may discern that I like to file things. One would be correct. Not filing nails or standing single file, mind you. But more along the lines of collating items with folders and tags by order of date and subject.
If you are ever fortunate enough to visit my residence, be sure to check out my filing cabinet.

...unless of course you are looking to rob me.

In which case:
The cabinet is for decoration only and all of my important documents are scattered throughout five of the seven continents and three of the four oceans of the world. The key to finding them resides only in my mind, as it has never been written down or shared with anyone.
However, if you're not looking to annex me of my belongings:
It's a neat cabinet. I keep a lot of files in there. Passports, mortgage papers, etc. You know, all of my important documents.